API Security Evaluation Checklist

Confused about API Security? You’re not alone. You may just getting started, or you’re well along in your API security journey, but with the speed with which the API security market is changing, no doubt you will have questions. To help you on your journey, we’ve created an easy to use, customizable API security evaluation checklist to ensure you have all your API security requirements addressed such as:

  1. Can you identify all your APIs, regardless of network infrastructure?
  2. Are you able to continuously monitor your API threat footprint?
  3. Is threat detection and mitigation natively embedded into your API security solution?
  4. Can your API security solution integrate with your network security ecosystem?
  5. Do you need flexible deployment options – SaaS, on-prem, cloud, hybrid?
Download this free evaluation tool to help ensure you are choosing the API security checklist that best fits your requirements.

API Security Evaluation Checklist


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