API Spyder: Predictive Crawling to Protect Your Attacker-Facing APIs



API Spyder is the first step in the API protection lifecycle, providing understanding of the external attack surface, what APIs can be accessed, the hosting environments, and any accidental exposures.

In this 30-minute webinar, we’ll discuss API Spyder, an agentless discovery tool with no software or traffic redirects required that provides a view into attacker-facing resources, allowing you to quickly prioritize remediation efforts by severity.

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Speakers for this webinar


Tony Bailey

Sr. Director Product Marketing

Cequence Security

Jerald Perry

Sr. Technical Marketing Engineer

Cequence Security

Tony has been involved in security, cloud, and SaaS product marketing for several years, working companies such as Microsoft, Adobe, and Amazon Web Services. This experience includes security vulnerability response, launching application firewall solutions, endpoint security tools, security partner programs and security solution guides. Tony has been involved in driving developer adoption of cloud platforms, and enterprise adoption of SaaS and subscription solutions. Tony is passionate about being the voice of the customer and, building and executing measurable plans that meet business objectives. When he’s not working, he’ll be outside stargazing, or hitting the treadmill, trail, bike, or weights.

Jerald Perry (JP) is a seasoned technical marketing leader with an extensive background in cloud architecture and cybersecurity. He is currently acting as a Sr. Technical Marketing Engineer for Cequence Security, focusing on Bot Mitigation and API Security. Before joining Cequence, Jerald Spent several years at Palo Alto Networks and has provided technical expertise for multiple Fortune 500 and Global 500 companies.

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