Bulletproof Proxies: The Evolving Cybercriminal Infrastructure

The inaugural report from the CQ Prime Threat Research team analyzes a new class of infrastructure provider that has taken the concepts of anonymity and availability found in Bulletproof Hosting and extended them to the delivery infrastructure required to launch automated bot attacks.

Among the key findings in the inaugural research report:

  • The least expensive Bulletproof Proxy package allowed the CQ Prime team to send requests through more than 853,000 IPs that were distributed across 218 different countries.
  • Some of the most robust providers advertise networks larger than 32 million IP addresses distributed globally Attacks emanating from Bulletproof Proxy networks targeting
  • Cequence financial services and retail customer environments increased 518% and 800% respectively between Q1-Q2 2019 More than 70% of the attack traffic across Bulletproof Proxy networks targeted mobile endpoints

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