New Research Confirms Need for End-to-End API Security

Driven by mobile device ubiquity, the adoption of the cloud, and the move towards agile, more iterative microservices-based development methodologies, APIs are now the connective tissue for everything we do digitally. Developers love them for a wide range of productivity and functionality-based reasons. Attackers love them too, but for malicious intentions.

To dig into the details behind the explosive use of APIs, the security challenges they represent and how best to address those challenges, Cequence Security recently teamed up with ESG to conduct a survey of 366 IT and cybersecurity professionals.

Key findings include:

  • API usage will continue to explode, driven by many factors including container and cloud adoption
  • The biggest API security challenge is keeping pace with the evolving API threat landscape
  • Respondents found the API security offerings discussed are effective no more than 45% of the time
  • An opportunity for unification exists with a clear focus on API protection
To gain additional insight into the API security challenges your peers are facing, and how they are looking to address them, download the report today.

ESG Trends in Modern Application Protection eBook


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