API Protection Report Webinar: First Half 2022 Findings



Join the Cequence CQ Prime Threat Research Team for a webinar on the findings from an analysis of more than 20 billion API transactions from the first half of 2022. Whether it’s an exploitable user authentication error that enables the capture of sensitive data, or a perfectly coded API that is abused by a shopping bot, the first half 2022 findings demonstrate the innovative ways attackers execute their malicious actions.

During the webinar, Will Glazier, Head of CQ Prime Threat Research will discuss key findings including:

  • Rampant abuse of shadow APIs to achieve a range of end-goals
  • The inextricable connection between the OWASP API Top 10 and bots
  • API10+: How perfectly coded APIs are abused by bots
  • Much, much more…

Attendees will learn the importance of having a complete understanding of how correctly coded APIs and those with errors can be attacked. Armed with this understanding security and developers can make great strides towards complete API lifecycle protection


William Glazier
Director of Threat Research
Cequence Security

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