API Protection to Defend Your APIs From Attackers: Featuring ESG

Wednesday November 30, 2022 11:00 AM PDT


Application Programming Interfaces (API) are the glue that make mobile and web applications work. And their use is exploding. Driven by user expectations of smooth and engaging application experiences, APIs have become the currency of exchange in today’s digital business reality. However, APIs, which by their nature are highly visible and well-defined doorways into the data and business processes of organizations, are now the number one attack surface exploited by cyber criminals and hackers.

APIs offer high risk and high reward. ESG research finds that organizations rate APIs as the cloud-native security element most susceptible to attack, with APIs being the location of the most number of incidents over the last 12 months. Yet when implemented securely, they allow organizations to expand their platform offerings while streamlining the customer journey. To combat the ever-present risk evident with APIs requires a unified and fully integrated approach that works across the entire API protection lifecycle, protecting all APIs, across all API implementations, channels, and infrastructure environments, and all user groups and business use cases.

In this webinar from Cequence and ESG, industry experts will pull back the curtain on APIs today and break down how to deploy these tools safely and securely, with the right expert assistance. Tune in to hear more about:

  • The latest API usage trends and risk areas
  • The leading challenges presented by APIs — and the leading solutions
  • How Cequence’s unified API protection solution provides a competitive advantage
  • And much more


Melinda Marks
Senior Analyst

Tony Bailey
Sr. Director of Product Marketing

Cequence Security

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