Bot & API Attack Prevention Week


In this week-long series, you'll learn how to prepare an effective and adaptive defense against automated threats, online fraud, business logic attacks, exploits, and unintended data leakage — watch them on demand.

Data Privacy is a Two-Sided Coin

In 2020, nearly half a billion user records were exposed or stolen across various data breaches. Data privacy is a shared responsibility between end consumers and corporations. This webinar will look at the important steps each side can take to prevent sensitive data leakage.

Presenter: Ameya Talwalker, Co-founder and CPO at Cequence Security

Preventing Common OWASP API Security Risks

As a longtime member of the OWASP community, Jason Kent, hacker-in-residence at Cequence Security, is a strong proponent of secure application coding practices. In this webinar, Jason will demonstrate how API Sentinel can help your development team detect and remediate common OWASP API Security Top 10 risks.

Presenter: Jason Kent, Hacker In Residence at Cequence Security

Forrester & Cequence:  The True Impact of Automated Shopping Bots

Guest speaker Sandy Carielli, principal security and risk analyst at Forrester, and Ameya Talwalkar, CPO and co-founder at Cequence Security, will discuss the automated shopping bot technology evolution. They'll cover the journey from simple scripts to bot-as-a-service, bot prevention market trends, and the impact of automated shopping bots on organizations beyond the "sale."

Presenters: Sandy Carielli, Principal Security and Risk Analyst at Forrester and Ameya Talwalkar, Co-founder and CPO at Cequence Security


Crafting an Innovative API Security Framework 

APIs bring the benefits of ease of use, efficiency, and flexibility to the development community, which also makes them ideal targets for attackers. This session will delve into the different approaches of protecting APIs from a range of security risks and how security and development teams should approach a consistent protection philosophy.

Presenter: Matt Keil, Director of Product Marketing at Cequence Security

Prevent Sensitive Data Leakage & Maintain Compliance

The explosive use of APIs shows no signs of abating, and the risks of inadvertent data exposure remain high. In this webinar, Subbu Iyer, VP of Products at Cequence Security, will show how customers have used the Sensitive Data Dashboard in API Sentinel to discover and remediate APIs that were potentially exposing data to the public.

Presenter: Subbu Iyer, Vice President of Products at Cequence Security

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